Wavlink Wifi Repeater Setup And Login Guide for Beginner

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Nowadays, the internet becomes very needed by all people. By accessing the internet, they may get any info they wish including news, entertainment, games, etc. Some students even look for journal or paper on the internet. Thus, to connect to the internet, you must have an internet connection. You could use Wi-Fi data or phone data. Yet, almost all people may use Wi-Fi. Talking about Wi-Fi, today, we are going to talk about the wavlink wifi repeater setup. It is important to set up wavlink Wi-Fi. If you do it, you could still connect to the internet even in the dead zone. Well, you need to open the wavlink setup page in advance. Let’s talk more about it below!

wavlink wifi repeater setup

Ways of Wavlink Wifi Repeater Setup And Login

There are some steps to set up the wavlink wifi repeater. What are they? Let’s take a look at them in the following details below!

  • Open your browser. You could use any browser such as Opera, Firefox, or even Chrome. Then, type the IP address ( on any web browser you choose. Then, you will go to the wavlink setup page. Let you log in with the default username. Type ‘admin’ as your username and and ‘password’ as your password.
  • Pick up your language option. Select your language before you submit the data. Then, you could begin setting up your wavlink wifi repeater. Let you click the ‘Repeater’ button. It is located below the Wizard AP button. Wait for your device to scan all of the Wi-Fi networks near your location.
  • Find your SSID. Once you find the Wi-Fi SSID, you need to choose the network. To allow the connection of the wavlink repeater, you must provide the ‘Repeater Name’ and your existing Wi-Fi password. Then, tap the ‘Apply’ and close option. Well done! Now, you just need to connect your device to the ‘Repeater Wavlink Wi-Fi’.

Change your Wavlink Wi-Fi Repeater Password

You might want to change your Wi-Fi repeater password to be private and personal. How to do it? Let’s see it below!

  • Login to your Wavlink Wi-Fi repeater. Do all the steps explained above to log in to the repeater. Then, go to Management selection. Pick up option ‘Password’.
  • Password. You just need to type your previous password and create the new one. After that, you may confirm the password once more. Then, press the ‘Save’ option. That’s all!

Finally, a wavlink wifi repeater setup may be useful for you who want to access the internet in a low-internet access area.