How to Factory Reset Surface Pro 4 and Back to Default Settings

By | September 27, 2021

There is a case that you have to reset your Surface Pro 4. The problem is that you should reset it based on the instruction. It is important to do so you don’t have to face any additional problems. If it is your first time to reset you have to learn about factory reset Surface Pro 4.

factory reset surface pro 4

Factory Reset Surface Pro 4 within Windows

First you can do the factory reset within Windows. Here, you have to pull up the start menu first. Then, you have to find the setting menu. There are three options you need to choose. Those are update and security, recovery, and get started. Next, you still have to choose and the option is very important. You have to make sure that you choose the right option. Those options are keep my files, removing everything and restore factory setting. If you want to do factory reset, it means you can choose the third option. Don’t forget to choose next and reset. Just wait for a few minutes while your Surface Pro 4 is starting automatic reset.

Reset Surface Pro 4  by Windows Sign In

You can also start reset your Surface Pro 4 by Windows sign in. Just make sure that the screen is showing sign in page. Then, you have to hit the power button of the Surface Pro 4. The next thing to do is hold the Shift key for a few seconds. Later, there is a restart option to choose. While restart process, you will see reset your PC and you have to choose next. In this step, you also get three different options just like above. You have to choose whether you want to keep your files, removing everything, or restore factory setting. After selecting the option, just choose next and reset. Wait for a few minutes while the device doing Surface Pro 4 factory reset.

Hopefully, those two methods help you to do factory reset Surface Pro 4 so you can use your device just like before.

What Can I Do to Fix My Android Phone Running Slowly?

By | September 24, 2021

My Android phone is running slowly every time I use it. Every time I load a new application the system stalls and it takes ages for the phone to catch up. Sometimes it even freezes completely. When this happens, I just get frustrated and turn to users on forums and ask them how to fix Android phone problems such as slow booting. This might be normal for you but if you are like me, you might have run into some pretty serious problems that I will outline for you so you can avoid them.

Steps to fix Android Phone running slowly

The first thing you need to check is your device drivers. Many devices are equipped with their proprietary drivers which often conflict with the standard device drivers used by other manufacturers. Manufacturers usually fix these problems with a driver update, but if you have an older device, you will need to update your device drivers manually. You can download drivers from the Samsung Developer website but if your phone is not rooted, it will take a while for the update to take effect.

phone running slowly

Another thing that can cause your phone to run slowly is your memory. If your memory is running low, your phone will take a very long time to boot up and open applications. Make sure that you do not run out of memory because this can slow down your device.

The next thing that can cause your device to boot slowly is incompatible system software. Most manufacturers include some type of system software with their devices and this is what will often cause the boot up to stutter. Try uninstalling any program that was recently installed and see if that improves your booting speed. It might not work for you but it’s worth a try.

Check the registry

A corrupt registry database is also one of the main causes for your device to boot slowly. This is a database which stores important information about your computer and allows your system to perform tasks. However, if there are corrupt files in this database, your system will take much longer to read the files it needs to run. To fix this problem, you need to use a ‘registry cleaner’ to scan through your PC and fix any of the damaged files that are causing your booting problems.

Your device’s battery is also one of the main reasons why it takes your phone so long to boot up. This is because the phone needs a lot of power to make and receive calls. However, if your phone is getting too much battery power every time you turn it on, you need to increase the memory or increase the amount of storage. This will help your phone to run much faster and use less battery power.

How to Take Screenshots on Macbook With The Best Result?

By | September 24, 2021

Here are few easy steps to take screenshots on Macbook. This is the latest version of the Mac operating system that was introduced with the MacBook in 2021. It is a great tool for people who want to have fun and experiment with the applications that are available on the computer screen. However, if you do not know how to take screenshots, then it could be confusing and frustrating for you. Here is how to take your favorite pictures with the Macbook.

Simple steps to take Screenshots on Macbook

First off, the first step is to click on the “draw” icon in the top right corner of the screen. It is located at the very top left corner of the screen. Then, the right-click button should be available. A little drop-down menu will appear where you can choose “draw border”. After that, the mouse will start moving in a straight motion.

take screenshots on macbook

The second step in how to take screenshots on Macbook is to hold down the “alt” key while clicking the mouse. It should move the mouse to the upper right corner of the screen and then click. A drop-down menu will appear where you can choose “scrolling text“. It means that you can move the mouse cursor while clicking on the text.

Thirdly, the fourth step in how to take screenshots on Macbook is to hold down the “shift” key when clicking on the mouse. After that, you should shift the mouse to the upper right part of the screen. After that, click. A drop-down menu will appear where you can choose “taking a snapshot“. If you are taking the snapshot by pressing “ctrl+t“, then you should move the cursor inside the text box.

Fifthly, you should click on “sheets” before “select”. After that, you can choose the type of sheets that you want to be taken. In the example that I am going to show, I have set it up so that my screen is filled with a chart. This makes the process of how to take screenshots on Macbook easier. Click on the “sheets” icon.

Finally, I am going to say that taking screenshots is very useful when you are working on your laptop. By typing” screenshots” on the “input toolbar” of your computer, you can save the images that you have taken. Furthermore, you can even share them online.

Take Screenshots on Windows

If you are using Microsoft Windows, the steps on how to take screenshots on your laptop will be very easy for you. All that you have to do is to press the “shift+alt+del” combination to open the” Runes” window. From there, you can choose “screenshot” from the list of options. You can also change the name of your screenshots by using “paste” icon that will bring up the “add” tool.

take screenshots on windows

If you would like to know how to take screenshots on Macbook with the best result, you should download screen capture utility software. With this software, you can capture your screen in real time. There are many screen capture software available on the internet. You just need to find one that you think is appropriate for the situation that you are dealing with. If you are interested in how to take screenshots on Macbook with the best result, you should try out the following tips.

Wavlink Wifi Repeater Setup And Login Guide for Beginner

By | September 11, 2021

Nowadays, the internet becomes very needed by all people. By accessing the internet, they may get any info they wish including news, entertainment, games, etc. Some students even look for journal or paper on the internet. Thus, to connect to the internet, you must have an internet connection. You could use Wi-Fi data or phone data. Yet, almost all people may use Wi-Fi. Talking about Wi-Fi, today, we are going to talk about the wavlink wifi repeater setup. It is important to set up wavlink Wi-Fi. If you do it, you could still connect to the internet even in the dead zone. Well, you need to open the wavlink setup page in advance. Let’s talk more about it below!

wavlink wifi repeater setup

Ways of Wavlink Wifi Repeater Setup And Login

There are some steps to set up the wavlink wifi repeater. What are they? Let’s take a look at them in the following details below!

  • Open your browser. You could use any browser such as Opera, Firefox, or even Chrome. Then, type the IP address ( on any web browser you choose. Then, you will go to the wavlink setup page. Let you log in with the default username. Type ‘admin’ as your username and and ‘password’ as your password.
  • Pick up your language option. Select your language before you submit the data. Then, you could begin setting up your wavlink wifi repeater. Let you click the ‘Repeater’ button. It is located below the Wizard AP button. Wait for your device to scan all of the Wi-Fi networks near your location.
  • Find your SSID. Once you find the Wi-Fi SSID, you need to choose the network. To allow the connection of the wavlink repeater, you must provide the ‘Repeater Name’ and your existing Wi-Fi password. Then, tap the ‘Apply’ and close option. Well done! Now, you just need to connect your device to the ‘Repeater Wavlink Wi-Fi’.

Change your Wavlink Wi-Fi Repeater Password

You might want to change your Wi-Fi repeater password to be private and personal. How to do it? Let’s see it below!

  • Login to your Wavlink Wi-Fi repeater. Do all the steps explained above to log in to the repeater. Then, go to Management selection. Pick up option ‘Password’.
  • Password. You just need to type your previous password and create the new one. After that, you may confirm the password once more. Then, press the ‘Save’ option. That’s all!

Finally, a wavlink wifi repeater setup may be useful for you who want to access the internet in a low-internet access area.