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How to Factory Reset Surface Pro 4 and Back to Default Settings

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There is a case that you have to reset your Surface Pro 4. The problem is that you should reset it based on the instruction. It is important to do so you don’t have to face any additional problems. If it is your first time to reset you have to learn about factory reset Surface Pro 4.

factory reset surface pro 4

Factory Reset Surface Pro 4 within Windows

First you can do the factory reset within Windows. Here, you have to pull up the start menu first. Then, you have to find the setting menu. There are three options you need to choose. Those are update and security, recovery, and get started. Next, you still have to choose and the option is very important. You have to make sure that you choose the right option. Those options are keep my files, removing everything and restore factory setting. If you want to do factory reset, it means you can choose the third option. Don’t forget to choose next and reset. Just wait for a few minutes while your Surface Pro 4 is starting automatic reset.

Reset Surface Pro 4  by Windows Sign In

You can also start reset your Surface Pro 4 by Windows sign in. Just make sure that the screen is showing sign in page. Then, you have to hit the power button of the Surface Pro 4. The next thing to do is hold the Shift key for a few seconds. Later, there is a restart option to choose. While restart process, you will see reset your PC and you have to choose next. In this step, you also get three different options just like above. You have to choose whether you want to keep your files, removing everything, or restore factory setting. After selecting the option, just choose next and reset. Wait for a few minutes while the device doing Surface Pro 4 factory reset.

Hopefully, those two methods help you to do factory reset Surface Pro 4 so you can use your device just like before.