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Throwing an amazing party is considered by many people to be an art form. From planning the perfect theme to organising party room hire in Nottingham, there is much to be done and the better the preparations are, the better the party is likely to be!

We have put together our ultimate party checklist to help you find the perfect place to get started!

Choose a Theme

You don’t want your party to be just like the rest, so carefully choose an awesome theme to make your party one to remember. Not only will your guests love getting dressed up, but a great theme makes for some fantastic photos to share on social media afterwards! Choose a theme that means something to you, maybe you loved 80s music or you want to pay homage to your favourite sports team or movie. You can even tell people that the best costume gets a prize to up the ante with the costume efforts.

Pick Your Venue

Your venue should be well researched and be just right for the number of guests that you are expecting. Booking a venue that isn’t big enough to accommodate your guests can ruin the party but booking too big a venue can be even worse. Aside from it being difficult to get the atmosphere going, a half-empty room might make you feel a bit unpopular! So it is much better to have a cosy venue with your nearest and dearest. Here at Oscars, we offer party room hire in Nottingham which is ideal for celebrating all kinds of special occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries – the perfect opportunity to make the most of the special day!

Organise the Guestlist

Giving people as much advance notice as possible will help to ensure that all of your favourite people are able to attend. Whether you want to invite everybody you know or just invite a small group of your closest friends and family, that is all entirely up to you.

Plan Catering

Who doesn’t love party food? You need to decide what type of food you will be offering, whether it is a traditional buffet or just some carefully-chosen snacks. You should know what type of food will go down well with your guests – don’t forget to include a few vegetarian and child-friendly options.

Book the DJ or Create a Playlist

If you have hired a good DJ then they will be fully equipped for providing a great playlist on the night. Alternatively, if you are arranging music yourself, spend some time perfecting your playlist to get everyone up on the dancefloor!

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