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Modern-day exhibitions, conferences and meetings are slowly implementing a wide range of technology from tracking tags, that show organisers popular areas of interest, to tap-tags, that allow attendees to quickly share their contact information with a “tap”.

These are great for collecting data on attendees and can be helpful towards organising future events. In addition to data collected from attending delegates, organisers can decide how and where future events should be held. Whether it’ll be more beneficial and cost-effective using a large conference hall in London or an intimate party venue in Nottingham.

Beacon Tracking

Suited to larger exhibitions with lots of areas of activity or interest, beacon tracking offers organisers a chance to see where their delegates gravitate towards. The technology involves setting up beacons around the event which track and log lanyards or tags that the attendees wear to the event.

In addition, data can be collected in real-time on the types of engagements attendees participate in, what held more of their attention and how much networking took place.

Recording and Notarising Speeches

There are a few apps available that allow you to record speeches or presentations and take notes alongside the presentation which can be great for revisiting certain aspects later. The data collected can be sent to the speakers to let them know which part was most engaging and recorded.

Networking Tags

These work great in combination with beacon tracking technology, the worn tags or lanyards are registered to the attendee with their business and contact details on. Should they wish to exchange information with another delegate, the tags are simply tapped together, and their information is added to a list. This list can be emailed to you after the event, so you aren’t constantly being updated throughout the conference.

Smart Pens/Notebooks

While still relatively new and not entirely necessary for every attendee, smart pens/notebooks keep track of everything hand-written and digitalise it, backing-up information to your preferred drive. This can be good if you are taking information on behalf of a company who can then receive the information to share amongst colleagues.

Virtual Reality

Although the technology is only slowly making its way into conferences, eventually, virtual reality technology may become the most popular aspect of exhibitions with attendees able to get truly immersed into experiences. It’s already being effectively used in travel conferences to show off destinations and hotel exhibitions to tour the properties.

With ever-growing technological development, conferences and meetings stand to become a lot more exciting to attend, keeping you engaged throughout. If you are looking for a meeting space or a party venue in Nottingham, get in touch with our events team on 0115 845 8628.

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