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Summer is the perfect wedding season, ideal for photos and offering beautiful scenery to hold your perfect day. From planning the meals to choosing an intimate wedding venue, whether in Nottingham or further afield, you want to ensure your day looks incredible.

Flowers have always been a popular wedding accompaniment, from decoration to bridal bouquets. Beautiful flowers and luscious greenery can be a subtle way of giving a tropical feel and connecting your guests to nature. Green was Pantone’s colour of the year 2017 and influenced weddings across the country. Choosing to forgo the flowers and bring the outside in by incorporating gorgeously shaped bushes, lush trees and leafy table runners.

This year, Pantone’s colour of the year is ultraviolet (purple), pairing perfectly with natural stoney colours of grey and natural hues of green. Decorate with fragrant lavender or striking deep purple irises. If purple isn’t your colour of choice, we’ve found some other amazing summer flowers to compliment your day.

Soft, Neutral Colours

Available in subtle pastel colours of pink, purple and yellow, Peonies and Daffodils offer a brilliant way to bring a bit of colour to your day without going overboard. Soft blue Hydrangeas can make an effective bouquet by themselves, but also pair wonderfully with large leaf ferns. Alternatively, roses of peach and cream paired with striking white gypsophila have been a long-term wedding favourite. Honeysuckle and Jasmine plants are a great way to add interesting looking flower heads to your flower bouquets.

Bold, Bright Blooms

If striking colours and large flower heads are your preferred style, blooms of bright, exciting colours can be a fantastic feature point of your special day. Irises are popular for their deep colours and rich hues, while Gerberas, are loved for their brightly coloured, big petals. Timeless Roses and Carnations are another favourite, available in a variety of vivid colours with a huge petal spread. Rainbow roses are great for really stopping guests in their tracks but can be expensive due to the dying process. Additionally, Zinnia and Tulips make fantastic bouquet embellishments with their interesting shapes and intense colours.

Earthy Tones

You don’t have to go for any colours, white or bright, should it not suit your style. There are plenty of earthy, neutral coloured flowers from Succulents and Ferns to Green Calla Lilies and Parrot Tulips. We’ve seen these used effectively alongside tastefully decorated potted plants and trees.

Your wedding is your special day as a couple, so you can tailor to your personal style or go for something a bit different. Your venue will also be able to suggest appropriate placement for your flowers, should you need some inspiration on bouquet size. Transform your intimate wedding venue into a private paradise.

Nottingham-based Oscars is a stylish wedding venue available for party sizes between 20 to 200, contact our team using the online enquiry form for your upcoming event.

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