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Over the last 30 years, we have seen a broad spectrum of wedding styles that both set and buck the trends. From sophisticated marquee weddings and laid-back wedding breakfasts near the bar to the rise of shabby chic neutrals and all white weddings; there is scope for the day of your dreams, no matter what that entails.

One wedding trend that has exploded with some ferocity in recent years, and looks set to stay, is the barn weddingNottingham is not the only area where this can be found, this is a worldwide phenomenon. While old stone barns are a firm fixture in the rural UK landscape, and barn weddings are a perfectly natural fit, the traditional ‘barn wedding’ as we know it is quintessentially American.

Once upon a time, small town couples in mid-America would opt for cost-effective and easy-to-do wedding celebrations close to home, by decking out their family’s or neighbour’s barn. Lots of space, good access, and the heart of the community.

In the age of Pinterest, Instagram and the eternal pursuit for uniquely beautiful twists on the traditional wedding, these rustic All-American barn weddings have turned into an aspiration for brides and grooms everywhere – including the UK.

But why does everyone love a barn wedding so much?

Plenty Of Potential

There is nothing like a fresh, blank canvas when it comes to your wedding venue. While you won’t necessarily want the borderline starkness of some contemporary venues, you will benefit from an almost empty shell with which you can do what you please – be it a cosy and comfortable meal with family or an open and airy event.

Barns come in varying degrees of “rustic” with some full of exposed beams, old brick walls and quirky features. However, there is some benefit to finding a venue that has been finished to a high standard with fresh, neutral, modern décor.

For example, white walls and whitewashed panelling create a contemporary barn background while giving you the freedom to go all-white with glamorous touches like chandeliers, silk and crystal accents. Equally, this whitewash barn could just as well suit a lace and burlap affair dotted with gypsophila.

Low Key Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have long been a key trend, with people jetting off to Greek Islands, Mexican resorts and Mountainous lodges for their dream nuptials. If you want to keep a little closer to home though, a barn wedding could do the trick, creating the same sense of excitement without the upheaval and associated costs of flying everyone out.

At most, your destination wedding could be a few hours’ drive for some guests, but this is much more manageable and still a break from what many would expect. You can transform your barn of choice into an earthy, nostalgic escape or a romantic retreat fit for a fairy tale – and bring your guests along for the ride.

Wistful Whimsy

Perhaps the most obvious reason people are so in love with the idea of barn weddings is the same reason we have seen a resurgence in shabby chic styles and all things vintage, everywhere from fashion and furniture to themed restaurants and coffee shops. A hark back to good old days and simpler ways of life.

What easier way to enjoy a relaxed day with the ones you love, celebrating the next chapter, than embracing all the enchanting quirkiness of a beautifully decked out barn?

If you are looking for all the charm of a barn wedding, with the peace of mind provided by a full-service venue, get in touch with our Nottingham venue and let’s start planning your perfect day!

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