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When organising an event, there can be a lot to remember, finalising dates, trying to sort catering, confirming numbers and trying to find the perfect party venue. Nottingham based event venue Oscars is here to help with a short guide on the do’s and dont’s of holding an event.

Do make sure anyone involved in the party organisation is kept in the loop of all communication, what their responsibilities are and what they will be expected to do in the lead-up to and on the day. Consider putting together a schedule in advance so all individuals lending a hand aren’t left in the dark at the very last minute.

Don’t try taking care of everything yourself, particularly if the event has an attendance of over 50 guests. The amount of stress can very quickly cause event organisers to burn out, resulting in the event being completely cancelled or worse, disappointing to attendees.

Do put together a budget prior to organising the event to avoid ending up halfway through booking everything and getting invitations sent out only to realise the budget has been depleted. List everything that you want involved – food, drinks, entertainment and give each category a maximum spend limit.

Don’t go over the top; the wild and the zoo are the only places for elephants. On a more serious note, don’t over-extend yourself or your budget. Pushing everything “just a little bit” can quickly get out of hand and drive costs up dramatically. The same can be said for going too small, attend or look back at other events of a similar nature and make your decision based on successes of the past.

Do seek the help and advice of professionals. Event planning is an entire career so while with good preparation and budgeting, your event is likely to be a success, there are professionals that do this on a day to day basis and may be able to offer expert services or advice for your event. Leave the catering to the chefs and the entertainment to your hired entertainers.

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! There may be some last-minute things to organise but make sure to take a break during the event for yourself, step back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. After the event is completed, ask your guests to provide feedback – was anything a roaring success or did anything fall flat? Good or bad, it’s helpful to know how the attendees found the event so you can constructively apply this feedback to your next one.

If you are looking for a top-quality party venue in Nottingham for your event, give our friendly team a call on 0115 845 8628 or use the online enquiry form to let us know the type of the event you would like to hold, along with your preferred dates. We look forward to hosting you and your guests soon!

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