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It’s undeniable – your wedding day is sure to be one of the best days of your life. Although it will be a lovely day regardless of the décor, it’s still nice to feel satisfied and happy with your wedding decorations.

If you’ve recently got engaged you will no doubt be looking into venues, décor and your menu, all of which can be stressful. Of course, one solution is to look at full wedding packages. Nottingham is well known for top-class wedding venues, many of which provide comprehensive packages that will reduce your stress levels and ensure your day is well planned.

However, for venues that do need decorating, it can be difficult to think of ideas. So, here are some of our favourite wedding decoration ideas that might well be perfect for your big day.

Change the Lighting

While the venue’s existing lighting may be perfect for the daytime, when it comes to the evening you might want to think about having some more subtle, romantic lighting. Easy to tie in with your table décor, you could have various sized candles dotted around the room. However, if there are children in attendance, you might want to look at imitation or battery-powered candles for safety reasons. Similarly, you could look at small lanterns to create a quirky effect. These come in many different colours so are also easy to tie in with your colour scheme and are the perfect size for table centrepieces!

Add Chair Decorations

Although chair decorations are popular for weddings, why not take the opportunity to change up a classic and add an individual touch to your big day? Many people simply use ribbons and chair covers, however, you could have plaques with your guest’s names on the back. It’s unique and has the potential to be a great keepsake for your guests while looking stylish and creative on the day itself. You could also add flowers to your chairs by either hanging them in baskets or tying them up with ribbon – it’s different and it gives you the opportunity to have various flowers around the venue.

Pick the Perfect Table Décor

When it comes to decorations, the biggest decision many brides will face is picking out the table décor. Although it may only be a small part of the occasion as a whole, your guests will inevitably spend a good chunk of the reception sitting at their tables.

Flowers and plants are a great example of a traditional centrepiece – while you will most probably have candles or lights on each table, it’s always nice to add a few fresh floral blooms, too. If you are going for a vintage theme, you could use various bottles or jam jars to hold the flowers. Not only do they look nice, but they will also work well with most colours. You could also be unique with place cards. Instead of using regular paper, why not get them carved out individually or written on an ornament? Like the chair plaques, your guests will love the original touch and they will each have a keepsake to help them remember your special day.

Show the Way with Signs

Many weddings use signs to lead guests to the right area or to provide information about the seating plan. This idea allows you to get very creative – give your guests something unique to look at like a sign written on a chalkboard, for example. You could even try something really different and let your signs hang from a free-standing archway or lean them up on an easel.

Add Stand Alone Decorations

Like any décor, you can get super creative with standalone pieces. Archways, for example, are very popular when it comes to posing for those all-important wedding photographs! You could have an archway covered in flowers or you could even have pictures of you both scattered around the frame.

When it comes to stand alone décor for weddings there is a wide variety to choose from. Another popular choice is large lit-up letters – your initials, for instance. These will look great on the dance floor, but you could keep it simple and just have ‘MR & MRS’ in bright lights. Either way, it’s certainly a great decoration!

If you’re still in the planning stage then it might be a good idea to look at venues that offer full wedding packages. Not only will it save you time, but it could also save money. Here at Oscars, we offer various packages to meet your individual needs. There’s no need to stress about your big day – let us help you take care of everything.

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